Saturday, December 08, 2007

Putting It Succinctly

reposted by olvlzl.

This letter in Today's Boston Globe says it all about Mitt "What do you want to hear?" Romney.

SO MITT Romney's religion is a serious problem for many Republican primary voters? That's unfortunate, both for Romney and for our democracy, but it is also an ironic payback.

It was the politically tolerant culture of Massachusetts that accepted Romney's candidacy for governor with few qualms about his religion, and gave him his political base.

He rewarded us by making his term one endless out-of-state fund-raiser, delighting heartland conservatives who wouldn't be caught dead living in Massachusetts by deprecating our liberal ways, thus ridiculing the open mindedness of the very people who had voted for him.

Tough luck. Maybe Romney should reverse Groucho Marx, and conclude that any club that won't accept him as a member isn't worth joining.

I'd only add that Massachusetts should remember Mitt and the three that preceded him and learn from it. You might enjoy seeing Dan Wasserman's take on this over the past few weeks.