Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Painful David Broder

His latest column really is quite painful to read. For example:

Bush's stance is likely to be copied by most of the major Republican presidential candidates. They can take heart from the successes the administration is beginning to score with its foreign policy. Surely, their position is stronger than the one they were defending early this year -- when Iraq looked to be lost, the Middle East was in turmoil and the threat of war with Iran loomed.

Does he earnestly argue that the clusterfuck Bush has created is a success? That finally hesitantly and half-heartedly trying to fix things is strength? It's as if someone had burned down a house by accident, killed all its inhabitants and let the fire spread to the neighborhood, but then, hours later, calls 911 and gets praised for smart action.

Pardon me while I go and bang my head against the garage door.