Friday, November 09, 2007

Angry Kooks

ThinkProgress reports on Karl Rove's opinions about political blogs:

According to Rove, bloggers are "nutty," "vitriolic," and "kooks." The Washington Times reported on his remarks:

"The Web has given angry and vitriolic people more of a voice in public discourse," said Mr. Rove, who served as one of President Bush's top strategists until he resigned this past summer, and is a noted technology nut.

"People in the past who have been on the nutty fringe of political life, who were more or less voiceless, have now been given an inexpensive and easily accessible soapbox, a blog," Mr. Rove said during a speech about politics and the Web at the Willard InterContinental, a hotel just blocks from his former place of employment.

"I'm a fan of many blogs. I visit them frequently and I learn a lot from them," Mr. Rove said. "But there also blogs written by angry kooks."

And there are also governments run by angry kooks. Imagine that!

I would think it an honor to be viewed as an angry kook by Karl Rove, actually. But I probably don't quite qualify, given that I'm a goddess, too. Heh.