Monday, October 01, 2007

The Beer Drinking Test For Picking a President

Neponset on Eschaton comments threads says that it is ba-a-a-ck:

October 1, 2007. Jill Zuckman wants to know about the "age old question", which candidate do you want to have a beer with.

We should add some more recent questions of similar importance. For example, which candidate would you most like to add to a threesome with you and your favorite partner? Which candidate would you most like to drill your teeth at the dentist's office? Which candidate most makes you think of a leaf-chopper and why?

These are all equally relevant tests in my mind. You know what? I don't want a president I can have beers with. I want a president who knows how to run this country and wants to do it in a way which doesn't steamroll over people and ideas that I value. Beer drinking palship might be on my list of desirables but really only in the sense that I hope the next president doesn't drink and push those red buttons.