Friday, September 28, 2007

Onwards, Christian Soldiers

Beliefnet interviews Senator John McCain. You can watch him talking about how this nation is a Christian nation, for example. A transcript is available at the link, too.

McCain is not the only presidential candidate Beliefnet has interviewed. John Edwards and Sam Brownback have also given their views on faith. What struck me most about Brownback's answers was the very last one:

What's the one thing that you want people to know about Senator Sam Brownback's run for President that they don't know about either who you are or what you would do? Why they should support you?

Well, it's why I'm running is what I would want them know, and I'm running to rebuild the family and renew the culture.

I will take, and have taken, a position on a broad set of issues, which I think are all very important. But, at my core, why I'm doing this is to rebuild the family and renew the culture. And that's what I'd want them to know.

Note the repetition. Note the ominous term "rebuild the family". And note that this means something very specific for Brownback. It's the patriarchal family he wants to rebuild and that is what he is offering to do as the president.