Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Home-Grown Terrorists

An idea repeated several times in the reports about the New Jersey Six, a very amateurish plot which consisted of a handful of men planning to attack a military base, is that domestic terrorism in the United States is somehow caused by the Internet sites where AlQaeda resides. An example of this:

B. WILLIAMS: A lot of government officials from the president on down have hinted over the years that if we ever really knew about all the unsubstantiated national security threats that are out there, we'd never leave our homes in the morning. Of course, most of those threats pass without us ever knowing about them. But this morning, as millions of Americans were leaving home for work, they heard about this story, what the feds say is a busted plot by six young men in their 20s accused of planning to shoot up a U.S. Army post, Fort Dix in New Jersey. The FBI says this was an example of home-grown terrorism, inspired by the Internet and thankfully foiled.

I seem to remember something one would call home-grown terrorism, concerning Oklahoma City. Somehow terrorism has become equated with Islamic terrorism, these days. But the world has all sorts of terrorists and the U.S. has always had home-grown terrorists. Just ask the people who work at abortion clinics.