Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Falling Fast

A nonpolitical post.

I walked Henrietta the Hound (my dog) in the neighborhood last night, and I fell while walking along a little lane with lots of tree roots which lift up the paving slabs. The street light had burned out and I didn't remember about the unevenness of the sidewalk.

I fell like a log, straight forward, because my toe got stuck. At the very last minute I used my karate falling skills, slapped down and turned and lifted my head, so the total of the damage was one skinned knee.

But the experience reminded me of that odd thing which happens to me every time I decide a situation is an emergency. I become a cool thinking machine, with absolutely no emotions. This lasts until the crisis is over and then things are fairly different. While the perceived emergency lasts, all my emotions are temporarily discontinued, time slows down and my mind becomes totally clear. Interesting.

And how did Henrietta react? She waited for me to get up so that we could go home and EAT!