Saturday, December 16, 2006

It’d Be A Blue Christmas Without Dreadful Christmas Music.

or Let’s stipulate The Little Drummer Boy and go on from there.

Posted by olvlzl.

Unfortunately, my favorite horrid Christmas album,
Steve and Edie’s Christmas in Las Vegas

is a myth, a threat I thought up to try to clear out a party that was going on too long. Though it would be fun to have in your collection, if it existed.

To get us all in the mood of the season, what’s your least favorite Christmas music? Song, artist, album, genre? There is so much truly awful Christmas music of comic potential that could be mentioned. The only risk is offending someone who might love your choice, but it’s all in fun.

Me? I could mention anything by Elvis or Frankie for the season, though Lou Monte’s “The Little Italian Christmas Donkey” is worth an honorable mention.

Wet blankets might mention their favorites. Though a new thread for that might be a better idea.

UPDATE: I just remembered, Silver Bells in the unique stylings of Regis and Kathie.