Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Housekeeping Post

Do you like washing windows by hanging outside those old up-and-down thingies on the third floor? If you do, could you come and do my windows? My house is eighty years old and the windows are original. This means that I open them with a rubber mallet, a paint palette and razor blades, and washing the outsides is only possible because of my similarity to snakes. But even so I get bloody scratches all along my arms. This is one job I hatehatehate and hence a job that is seldom completed.

Instead, I write about it to the whole world, which tells you that I'm a very lucky goddess, not having anything worse to write about. Except that you could pay me if you owe me for some articles...

You may have noticed that this post is not about politics and not about Thanksgiving, either. I'm a little overdosed on both topics right now, and I don't do holidays well at all. They always remind me of how there is no Echidne day and how I can't find an Echidne-card to send to anyone, either, snakes not being much of letter-writers as a group. Every holiday I remember what a solitary and sad goddess I really am and how much better off this world would be if only I were worshipped everywhere.

Oh well, things could be worse. Zeus could still be alive, for example, inseminating unwilling women all over the place. At least we got rid of that one, and a minor goddess is still going strong and making waves, slithery ones. Aphrodite and Athena are around, too, and so is Ares. We should have another get-together soon. I should e-mail Athena to ask how Nemesis is faring after her hard day of work earlier this month. She went around fixing all the voting machines so that they showed almost correct results. Good goddess, that one, when she is not high on something or other.

I drifted off the topic, sorry. The topic is housekeeping, and mentioning it brings to my mind the need to update my blogroll and I don't want to go there which might be the reason for all that went on above. But I could talk about my series of statistics posts (look for "Statistics Primer"). I'm going to link to them on my homesite (move your eyeballs up on this page to see the link) where I also link to my excellent series on the gender gap in wages. You could read those if you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and see your demons sit around with their forks and knives ready and their napkins tucked under their chinflaps. My posts won't keep the demons from feeding, but you might not notice it quite as much.

While you are up there, on my other site, you can look at my embroideries. Or some of them. I haven't taken pictures of all the ones I have at home and the ones I have given away are lost for good, probably hidden away in some dank attic.

Then to future plans. I'm going to take over the world and also write the last post on my Visits-to-Wingnuttia series. Then I've promised to write on progressive taxation which I really look forward to, and that I do anticipate it with eager glee shows how very tired and bored I am.