Saturday, July 29, 2006

Some Saturday Morning Rantin and Ravin

Heat is not good for my scales. I'm itching. And then reading the comments of some blogs made me itch even more, enough to start a nice cooling rant.

So here are some quotes from the rant I delivered to Henrietta the Hound and the snakes:

First, war is not a football game. Repeat after me: War is not a football game.

Second, the problem with male domination is not, repeat: not, that the men in power are not kind enough. The problem with male domination is that it's not equality.

Third, the main role of women is not to civilize men. That is insulting to men, too.

Fourth, it's really immaterial if women would be as bad running this world as men are. It's not a reason to sit back and just enjoy patriarchy, for one thing, and that's the only purpose such a statement ever has. And as we haven't tested the hypothesis in reality, I wish people would not feel so free to make such sweeping announcements. Though feminism, I tiredly croak, does not aim at women running the world. It aims at equality.

Fifth, did you notice that yet another book has come out about gender differences, a book which tells us how women differ from the rule, as usual? We never seem to get books about how men differ from the rule, because men are the rule, but if such a book ever appeared I really wonder if it would point out the sex distribution of murderers and such.

How did you like it? Henrietta wasn't interested and the snakes thought it wasn't nasty enough. But you can tell that I've been visiting anti-feminist sites.