Friday, February 17, 2006

Condoms Are Immoral

I'm listening to Jerry Springer (too lazy to turn the radio off) and he is discussing this assertion in the context of protecting people against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. I haven't been listening carefully, but I guess it is someone in the Catholic church that finds condoms immoral. Because they interfere with God's fertilization plans.

The short answer to the question whether using condoms might be immoral is to point out that it is a lot more immoral to let people die of preventable sexually transmitted diseases.

But slightly off the topic, I have never been able to understand why the rhythm method is not regarded as immoral by the Catholic church. It aims at stopping the divine fertilization plans, doesn't it? How does it differ from using a condom? Other than by allowing for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases?

One answer I've been given is that it's easier for God to fertilize people when there is no artificial prevention. But this seems just silly to me: Either God is powerful enough to drill through a condom and other artificial contraceptions or He is not. And if He is not that powerful, is He powerful enough to mess up women's monthly cycles?

I don't think that condoms are immoral. They are latex things with no opinions on morals. You can also fill them with water while on a break during the school and then get caught dragging about fifty quarts of water in a balloon behind you. Don't ask how I know this.