Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So Little Time, So Many Anti-Feminists

There is a new book on the enormous power and horrible effects of feminism, by one Kate O'Beirne. It has a really long title to make sure that even the most stupid reader gets that this book is about Hillary Clinton and how she is destroying the America we all love. Or which we must leave if we don't love it. That sort of shit.

I will post more on Kate's little rant later on, when I have actually had time to learn what she is saying. But I can speculate, even without reading a word, that she blames feminists for most everything that has ever gone wrong, and that she doesn't care to use proper evidence to support her claims. Because this is how the gals' auxiliary of wingnuttery does the deed they are paid for, the one task (other than childbearing) that women must do in the wingnut-world, and that is to bash other women, to nail down the heads that are trying to stand up. It's like all women are nails and all men are hammers, except for women like Kate O'Beirne who can also be hammers as long as they tell how good the nails have it. If you get my meaning.