Thursday, January 26, 2006

On the Palestinian Elections

Moonbotica is an English blogger. Her Palestinian friend borrowed her blog to tell about how the elections went:

finally hamas won and that is what i guessed would happen , fatteh is as an old shoe now , hamas will try to make palestine as an islamic country , the situation will be so bad next days , israel refused hamas and USA too, then who voted hamas will know he was mistake , hamas will not develop the palestin,s cities as people think , who vote hamas believe that hamas is fair , they dont know that it will make our life as hell , we will dont have our freedom on the street and they will try to force girls to wear veil ( new afghanistan in middle east) , then it will be big catastrophe,

I predict that within a month Hamas will issue some laws that restrict women's rights. It's an odd thing how the more authoritarian regimes always focus on the control of women. Not odd, really, I was just trying to be sarcastic. The control of women guarantees the control of the next generation so it's all good for the power-hungry.

Those who voted for Hamas probably didn't vote for the control of women, on the whole. The vote was as much a protest against the corruption of Fatah or a vote for change. But what will change is most likely not what the people are hoping for. An Islamic state may be in the books.

Well, I will try to stay optimistic.