Thursday, January 05, 2006


A bad day today:

IN ONE of the darkest days in Iraq in recent months, insurgents killed about 130 people in a series of deadly explosions targeting Shia pilgrims in the south, Sunni police recruits in the west and US soldiers.

The slaughter was the worst in Iraq since the December 15 elections, and came only a day after guerrillas killed more than 50 people, mostly Shia mourners blown up at the funeral of a bodyguard who was shot dead in an assassination attempt on a local politician.

How would Pat Robertson interpret the wrath of God here, hmh? And has more blood shed recently than oil? Does anyone know?

Remind me again how much better off we are now that Saddam is no longer in power.

This post explains why I don't write much about Iraq. I get too upset and angry.