Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Goodbye, Sweet Friends

In recent weeks two great bloggers have moved on to other things. First, Christine of Ms.Musings has written her last post for the Ms. Magazine, though she can still be read on PopPolitics. Then Jesse Taylor of Pandagon went and got himself a real activist job. Pandagon still lives, of course, and Amanda there is required reading.

I will miss both Christine and Jesse. Christine allowed me the luxury of not following all the cultural commentary on women, because she condensed and presented it in one easily accessible place. I learned so much from her. There is a hole now in the blogosphere. Sniff.

And Jesse's kindness and sarcasm (such a potent combination) will also leave a hole behind.

I don't want bloggers to ever stop blogging. There should be a law that makes it impossible. But we all know, in our adult moments, that nothing stays forever. So carpe diem and all that. Thank you, Christine and Jesse.