Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Barbara Bradley Hagerty

She is the NPR's religion correspondent, which is sad, because Hagerty has a very narrow and Republican view of what constitutes religion. I happened to listen to her reporting today on the reactions of evangelical Christians to the idea of Harriet Miers on the SCOTUS. Hagerty only interviewed right-wing Christians, many with very extreme views. It was as if there are no lefty evangelicals in this whole wide country!

Well, it is very clear that Hagerty is not one of those lefty evangelicals. Maybe she belongs to the Concerned Women of America? I wouldn't be surprised. What does surprise me is that she is allowed to have this religion desk all on her own, given how biased she is. But this sort of bias flies under the radar of the hawk-eyed politicians who accuse the NPR of being the breeding ground of communists and liberals and snake goddesses, too.