Friday, September 09, 2005


Michael Brown has been quasi-fired from his FEMA job:

Michael Brown, the embattled head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, was removed today from a direct role in running the relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Michael Chertoff, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, announced.

Brown, whose agency has been criticized for imposing bureaucratic obstacles to relief efforts even before the winds and rain died down, was being sent back to Washington from Louisiana, where he had been the top on-scene commander of the federal operation.

Why wasn't he kicked out on his arse? Because Bush never makes mistakes in his hiring decisions? Because Brown got him lotsa votes in Florida? Because of what, exactly?

We are all expected to make sacrifices because of Katrina. We are supposed to give to charities, conserve gas, and the workers don't have to get paid prevailing wages in the hurricane-affected areas, not to even mention the much more horrific sacrifices some have made already. But Bush's cronies get a cushy office job as a punishment for being totally incompetent.