Tuesday, September 13, 2005


For your next conversation with a wingnut. Wingnuts live in an alternate universe, one in which George Bush is the younger brother of Jesus and in which we progressives are the spawns of Satan himself. The more modern section of Wingnuttia reads Adam Smith and books about social Darwinism instead of the Bible but the ideas are otherwise fairly similar. All wingnuts get their information from Fox, so that what they think happened during the hurricane Katrina may sound very odd to you. Don't despair, Think Progress has created a list of wingnut myths with proper corrections to each myth.

Not that you can just offer the corrections and see the air cleared. The same myth will be thrown back at you repeatedly. But at least you can feel calmer knowing that evidence doesn't back the weird stuff you hear, over and over again.

And you will certainly be told that us lefties blame Bush for the hurricane itself. That is one of the myths which is most intriguing: how on earth did they decide that it is us who think Bush is strong enough to steer hurricanes? It's always been the Wingnuttia that believes this.