Thursday, May 05, 2005

Weary of War?

According to the recent USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll Americans are growing weary of the Iraq war. I'm growing weary of the growing weary of the Americans. If you get my meaning.

In any case, now fifty-seven percent of those questioned say that the war wasn't worth it. Wasn't worth what? And still forty-one percent think that it was worth it, whatever the "worth it" might be. What is it that these people think we are doing in Iraq? Spreading freedom and democracy to the dark continent? Securing oil for our SUVs? Punishing the Iraqis for what the Saudis did to us on 9/11 2001? Making a flytrap in our neighbor's yard so that the flies (or terrorists) end up there and get killed there (together with lots of the neighbors) instead of bothering us at home?

Yes, I am growing weary of all of this. I'd love to go to sleep for a few centuries and then wake up to read all about this era in the historical records. But then I just might wake up in Gilead and find that reading is illegal for us womenfolk.