Monday, May 09, 2005

Meanwhile, in Boston

White supremacists from Arkansas decided to travel to Boston to see the sights. Also to do a little protesting outside Faneuil Hall while Holocaust survivors were inside commemorating the liberation of Nazi concentration camps.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (of the Olympic fame) expressed his disgust at these visitors:

"Today of all days, to have white supremacists come here from Arkansas, is most disappointing," he said. "I wish they'd go back home where the came from and bury themselves under the rocks that they crawled out from."

And the people of Boston were unamused, too. In fact, they had a bit of tussle with the white supremacists.

Most of us would agree that the behavior of the supremacists was atrocious. But if the current trend in media "fairness and balance" continues, we will soon see them interviewed as "the other point of view" in any discussion of the Holocaust. This is the logical outcome of the view of the media's task as simply reporting what people say.