Thursday, March 31, 2005

"I Hate These People"

Not me, I radiate loving-kindness towards most everybody. But Sean Hannity has anger management problems. Luckily he has a job on Fox in which he can express his hatred freely and get royally paid for it. If you want to know what Hannity thinks of Democratic politicians, click here and listen. Via Oliver Willis.

It's an interesting ethical dilemma whether I should post evidence on how much Hannity hates people like me. On the one hand it's most enjoyable to see him stripped naked this way in front of all and sundry. On the other hand I might be stoking reflex anger among our faithfuls, and that is not what an ethical goddess does. After a severe battle over this you can see which side of me won.

In any case, this thing is all over the net and even on the radio and I'm only blogging about it because I'm up with my friend Insomnia, the goddess of no-sleep.