Saturday, November 06, 2004

Saturday notes

Just to remind you that I also blog on the American Street on Saturdays. You can go there if you want to get more politics today. Though why any of us is that masochistic beats me.

I am going to start boycotting certain firms from now on, by the way. The Whole Foods chain has been getting a lot of my money, but from now on they get none of it. They have been successful at taking over profitable organic food stores all across the country and then at profiting from their established reputation as good providers of food while all the time destroying their local delivery chains, leaving the local farmers bankrupt and substituting sources from places like Costa Rica and Chile. And the owner of the chain is a big Ayn Rand fan (I had Bush fan here earlier, but I can't prove it so I took it out; he's a Libertarian, though). Also, the company is fighting unionization of its work force.

This is going to create some real hardships for me as I'm a terrible cook. But that's what I'm going to do.

In other Saturday notes, I'm training Henrietta and Hank (the dogs) to sing while I accompany them with a harmonica. It sounds really good right now, and I might put up an audio of our concert in the near future!