Monday, November 08, 2004

The Grassroot Effort of the Right

Heh. It's hard to beat the pulpit they have for their grassroot energizing. While our side has to knock on doors and beg for a slot in the media programming (so hard to fit us in, what with all the advertizing form Republican firms), the right has both the Fox News and ready-made community-based centers for this:

The Post also describes how thousands of clergy received guidelines from the conservative American Center for Law and Justice for how to talk politics from the pulpit without running afoul of tax laws. "Such entreaties appear to have worked. [Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for ACLJ] said he believes that thousands of clergy members gave sermons about the election, and that many went further than they ever had before. The Rev. Rick Warren, author of the best-selling 'The Purpose Driven Life' and one of the most influential ministers in the country, sent a letter to 136,000 fellow pastors urging them to compare the candidates' positions on five 'non-negotiable' issues: abortion, stem cell research, same-sex marriage, human cloning and euthanasia."