Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Men Washing Windows Are Sexy!

This title should prove very popular! It doesn't have very much to do with the topic of this post (if it has one), but it is true that I find men washing windows very sexy. The combination of the movements, the sweat caused by sun and the care and attention of the washer all combine to make my heart beat faster.

But, alas, it is me who has been washing windows. I hate washing windows at the Snakepit Inc. because the windows are those old-fashioned kind with ropes and they guillotine me every time I reach out to wash the outer sides on the second floor level. The windows are also eighty years old, so I need to open them with a rubber mallet and razor blades, and I always end up with long bloody scratches on my arms which smart when the cleaning spray hits them. I should replace them (the windows) but the god of finances doesn't agree. Maybe that's why I think window-washing men are sexy?

This is the day two of window-washing, and there are at least ten days to go. The Snakepit Inc. has a lot of windows. I hate this time of the year and wake up every morning wishing that I was all snake and didn't care about whether I can see out through the glass or not. There are times when I think that having servants would be a good idea, despite all my ethical reservations about it, and this is one of those times.

But washing ones own windows is good for the soul, ultimately. I just wish that it wasn't such a bitter lesson to learn, and that it didn't return so regularly. And that someone would notice and compliment me on my shiny windows like they do in tv commercials.