Monday, February 16, 2004

A Quiz About the Weird and Wonderful World of Politics and the Media:

1. The most exciting adventure of the last twelve months was

a) The Lord of the Ring: Part III
b) The Iraq war
c) President Bush's surprise Thanksgiving visit to Iraq
d) Howard Dean's Meteoric Rise and Fall

2. The most dramatic recent television event was

a) The baring of Janet's Jackson mammary gland
b) The nonbaring of the MoveOn's "Child's Pay" ad
c) The president's State of the Union address
d) The Iraq war

3. The worst thing about the Janet Jackson's breast scandal was

a) That she bared her breast while children might be watching
b) That Justin Timberlane bared her breast while children might be watching
c) That it was no longer possible to tell the ads from the halftime programs
d) That people who paid for soft porn in the Lingerie Bowl got less of it than those who
didnt' pay anything

4. John Kerry is more beholden to special interests than George W. Bush, because

a) the Bush-Cheney campaing video mailed to six million people declares Kerry "an unprincipled politician brought to you by special interests"
b) Kerry has collected 640,000 dollars from special interest donations since 1989, more than any other senator, while Bush collected 960,000 dollars from lobbyists last year alone
c)left-wing lobbyists represent special interests but right-wing lobbyists represent the American People
d) All of the above

5. "Ordinary people are competing against one another in impossible situations in order that a very few can win monetary rewards." This is a description of

a) A Reality TV show called "The Survivor"
b) The American labor market
c) The Iraq war
d) All of the above.
Correct Answers: You decide. I worked hard enough to make up the questions.